Functional & Comfortable Clothing For Wheelchair Users

As a wheelchair user, finding clothing that is both functional and comfortable can be difficult. The problem usually comes from the fact that some clothing does not suit the needs of wheelchair users. You have to consider your mobility and sufficient protection from the elements. Here is a list of tips to find functional and comfortable wheelchair clothes:

Look For Rangy Clothes With A Longer Neck To Waist Ratio

Clothing with a longer neck-to-waist ratio will give you more freedom in your wheelchair. If your dress has too short of a neck-to-waist balance, you will feel like you are choking. High neck-waist ratio clothes will not limit your head and limb movements, giving you complete control of your wheelchair.

Pick Skirts With A Longer Back Than Front

Clothing with a longer back will allow you to lean comfortably in your wheelchair. If your dress has a shorter back-front ratio, you could potentially fall forward or have difficulties reaching or putting on and taking off clothing.

Look For Longer-Length Wheelchair Pants

The length of your wheelchair clothing is essential. If the pants are too short, you won’t be able to protect your lower back. It’s crucial to also look for pants with a wide waistband and elasticized cuffs. The wider the waistband, the more room it will provide to move around in your wheelchair. Elasticized cuffs allow for easy fitting on and taking off your wheelchair pants.

Look For Clothing With Loose Fitting Hips And Thighs

This is important because it allows your body to move as it wants and not be confined. The loose fitting of the wheelchair dresses also gives you more room to maneuver your body in your chair.

Look For Clothing With A Wide Waistband

One of the issues that wheelchair users deal with is finding comfortable clothing for their legs. If your pants’ waistband is too tight, you may find that you can’t bend or put on the pants properly. It’s necessary to look for a wide band to give you room to move around freely in your wheelchair.

Find Tops With Loosely Fitting Arms And Shoulders

Again, it is necessary that your clothing has loose-fitting arms and shoulders. There should be no restriction on the way your arms or shoulders move. If you find that your top has a tight arm or shoulder area, it can potentially cause problems for you in your wheelchair. You may even have difficulty putting on or taking off the clothing.

Look For Flat-seamed Clothing

Wheelchair users are typically concerned with finding clothing that is easy to take on and off. Flat seams on clothes make it easier to put on or take off your clothes and provide more comfort during your daily routine.

Look For Breathable Clothing

Clothing that doesn’t breathe will cause you to become hot and uncomfortable. Your clothes should breathe to keep you cool and comfortable during your daily routine. High temperatures can ultimately cause discomfort, leading to many other issues.

Beltbro - No Buckle Belt

Find A Belt Alternative

BeltBro has created a no-buckle belt alternative that is great for wheelchair users. It has more uses than just keeping your pants up. The wheelchair clothes provide users freedom and ease with basic tasks such as:

  • It also eliminates the need to worry about pants falling when you’re out in public or taking care of your daily routine.
  • The BeltBro no-buckle belt also allows you to be active while engaging in activities that require you to bend over frequently, such as taking care of your daily routine, gardening, cooking, and more!
  • The belt can be worn at home or in public because it’s stylish and discreet.


Wheelchair users should look for clothing with broader shoulders and arms, longer neck-waist ratios, loose-fitting hips and thighs, a wide waistband, and flat-seamed clothing. You also want to look for easy-to-put-on and take-off clothing that is breathable and long-length pants. If you have trouble finding belts that suits your needs, you can start by purchasing the BeltBro. This no-buckle alternative for belts makes it easier to take care of your daily routine!  

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