"It fits fantastic.. what a great invention!"


"Fits good, snug! I can put one on the other side. It's cute, trendy!"


"Pretty cool! I like it, it works. I need these for my shorts. It's a lot easier!"


✔ The No Buckle Belt - Get rid of an uncomfortable buckle and belt bulge!

✔ Washing Machine Friendly - Don't worry if you wash it accidentally.

✔ You Won't Notice It - Weighs less than 2 ounces, you hardly feel it.

✔ Pants Never Fall Down! - Industrial strength material won't let you down.

50,000 Happy Customers!

We Guarantee You'll Love It!

We Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Experience Ultimate Comfort All Day Long..

Belts dig into your stomach, causing pain and annoyance.

With BeltBro, your pants feel secure, but you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a belt!

Just attach BeltBro between two of your side belt loops, and secure it into place. You’ll never need to touch it throughout the day. It holds your pants snug, month after month!

We’ve designed two patent pending versions of BeltBro:

The BeltBro Titan for Men is our newest model for Men’s 1.5” belt loops. It’s built rugged and tough, for all day wear. It’s our strongest model available for Men's pants, it can even support the weight of accessories!

The BeltBro Original fits 1" inch belt loops (which also fits Women's pants). It’s ultra light, small and comfortable.

* Hate taking off your belt at the airport? No problem! Wear the BeltBro through the airport without any hassle.

* Recent weight loss? Finally enjoy your favorite clothing that fits like new again!

* Stomach sensitivity, IBS or Crohn's? If you have a sensitive stomach and get irritated by annoying belts, the BeltBro saves the day! It's the perfect way to secure your pants without an uncomfortable belt pressing against your stomach.

Do you sit for long periods? No worries! The BeltBro allows you to breathe easy and stay comfortable!

We are happy to have over 50,000+ satisfied customers. Our belts are used by men, women and children to support their individual needs. We welcome all people of all body sizes, big or small, to try the BeltBro experience. If you are not 100% satisfied, easily return it for a full refund.

Your order will be shipped from our headquarters in sunny Naples, Florida. When you order by 2PM EST we ship your order the same day! (Excluding Sunday).

Quickly Put On or Off

Perfect for the Bathroom

No Unbuckling Needed

Weighs Just 2 ounces

Great for Airport Security

"You don't even feel it! Better than a belt!"


"It makes it tight.. feels good, comfortable.. It's a good deal!


"Definitely makes my pants feel better and I just ate! They don't feel loose!"


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✔ Industrial Strength - Made with only top quality materials.

✔ Will Never Let You Down - Never worry about it falling off.

✔ Built Tough & Rugged! - Washing machine & heavy use is fine.

✔ Designed to Last! - Open and close thousands of times without any problems.

How to use BeltBro

Using BeltBro is fast and easy! There are only two simple steps!

Locate your side belt loops.

Adjust Beltbro between loops to tighten pants. Fits all sizes.

Instructions Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my order?
When you order 1 BeltBro set, you'll get a second BeltBro set free! You will receive 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large for both sides of your pants. BeltBro works for all sizes.

When you order 2 BeltBro sets, you'll get two more BeltBro sets free! You will receive 4 small, 4 medium and 4 large.

How does the BeltBro fit all sizes?
All pants and shorts with belt loops are spaced differently. Therefore, included in your order are small, medium and large BeltBros which allow you to choose the correct BeltBro for the spacing between your belt loops. You then further adjust the BeltBro using the fastening material to loosen or tighten securely.

Should I wear a BeltBro on both sides?
One BeltBro works well, but most customers like wearing a BeltBro on both sides.

Is the BeltBro machine washable?
If you accidentally wash it, the BeltBro will be fine.

Why is the BeltBro better than just string or a zip tie?
The BeltBro is made of a soft elastic fiber band with nylon and polyester, integrated into an industrial strength design. It's a far superior, fashionable, and more comfortable way to secure two belt loops together evenly and securely.

How durable is the BeltBro?
It's built rugged and tough, made from the strongest elastic and industrial fastening materials. It won't let you down or fall off!

What material does the BeltBro use?
The BeltBro is made of extremely rugged elastic, nylon and polyester. It's eco-friendly and heat-resistant.

How long will it take to get my BeltBro after I order?
The BeltBro is shipped via First Class Mail (USPS) from Naples, Florida. When you order Monday-Friday before 2pm EST, it will be shipped the same day. The BeltBro will arrive in 3-4 days.

What is the difference between the Men's Titan BeltBro and the BeltBro Original?
The Men's Titan is our strongest and most rugged model designed for 1.5" inch belt loops, common on Men's shorts and pants (it also fits Women's clothing with wider 1.5" belt loops).
The BeltBro Original is small and secure, designed for 1" inch belt loops, which fits Women's clothing.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and Paypal

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Titan 6-Pack Color Set

Great for Men!
Includes 2 Grey, 2 Blue and 2 Brown Titans to match all clothing!

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Original 8-Pack Color Set

Perfect for Women!
Includes 2 Grey, 2 Blue, 2 Brown, and 2 Black Originals.

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Comfortable Family 6-Pack

Wonderful for Families!
Includes 2 Titans, 2 Originals and 2 Kids BeltBros

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