10 Signs You Are Wearing Belt Too Tightly Around Stomach

A lot of people wear tight belts around their stomachs without noticing. Some who are not aware of how much it can impact their overall health do so because they believe the belt will help secure their pants. Others may feel that wearing the belt makes them more confident and secure. However, most don’t know that this can cause many health problems over time, including pain and discomfort in the stomach or back, as well as reduced breathing capacity and heart rate. These are, therefore, some ways to tell whether you’re wearing your belt too tight:

1. Any visible Rub Marks on your skin after removing the belt

If red marks are visible on your stomach, the pressure from the belt is too much, damaging the tissues and blood vessels in that area. Most of the time, these are caused by the buckle end of the belt.

2. Discomfort in your stomach area or back

Another tell-tale sign that your belt is too tight is discomfort in the stomach area. This can also cause pain in the back and other parts of your body, as well as reduced breathing due to pressure on your diaphragm, which is responsible for helping you breathe more easily.

3. Breathlessness

Another reason it’s best to avoid wearing tight belts around your stomach is reduced breathing capacity from pressure on the diaphragm. This makes it harder for you to breathe and therefore increases breathlessness, especially if the belt makes it difficult for you to bend over or sit down.

4. Heart Rate Changes

Wearing a tight belt around your stomach affects how your heart beats as it reduces blood flow to the heart. This causes an irregular pulse rate and reduced blood pressure. In most cases, this condition is not very serious, but if the belt is worn chronically, it can adversely affect your heart health.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

Another effect of wearing tight belts around your belly button can be erectile dysfunction (ED). This is caused by reduced blood flow and damage to some of the nerves around that area, which help you achieve an erection. This also happens when you wear a tight waistband for a long time.

6. Breathing difficulty

If you notice any of the symptoms presents, this indicates that your belt is too tight. In addition to breathlessness, you may also suffer from restricted diaphragm movement, so your breathing capacity will be significantly reduced.

7. Back Pain

Other than restricted diaphragm movement, back pain can also be caused by a belt that is too tight around your stomach. This can happen if the pressure on the nerves in your lower back increases and they become weaker over time due to insufficient blood supply or damage. However, this can be quickly resolved by not wearing a belt around the stomach and, if possible, avoiding tight waistbands.

8. Irritation

Wearing a belt around your stomach can also irritate your skin due to the friction caused by tight clothing. This happens because the belly button area is exposed, which irritates over time. The irritation causes the skin to become red, painful, itchy, or swollen.

9. Numbness and tingling

Another symptom experienced when wearing or wearing a tight belt around your stomach is numbness and tingling in the legs, arms, or face. This happens because of pressure on some nerves or blood vessels controlling these areas. Besides, prolonged pressure on the nerves can damage them, which causes weakness.

10. Stomach Issues

Wearing your belt tightly around your waist can also lead to stomach issues, such as bloating, constipation, or even bowel issues if you wear it too tight. The pressure from the belt affects your digestive system and causes these stomach issues.  

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