Best Golf Belts Buying Guide and Advice

When you play golf, you balance two things: fun and strategy. Your ideal game should be just like reading the morning paper. Since you want your clothes to be loose and breezy, it’s best to pair them with a good belt that’s durable and spells comfort.   An outfit that’s comfortable and dressy can help you concentrate better on your game. A nice, colorful shirt matched with loose shorts or pants is an excellent start. So why not finish it off with your favorite golf belt?   Choosing a good belt for golf shorts should be a lot more than trendy. Your golf belt needs to fit loosely while still holding up your golf pants or golf shorts. Some of the best men’s golf belts are ones that match your outfit and your personality. Most importantly, a good golf belt for men needs to balance ease and comfort with sophistication.  

The Best Belt Features for Golf Belts

 The best belt for golf pants is one that fits snugly while still leaving you sufficient wiggle room to play your game. Your ideal golf belt should also have excellent flexibility to allow you to move freely about the golf course just like a pro. The aim is to have a greater range of motion, and that can be done when wearing the correct belt.   In any case, you don’t need to sacrifice taste for comfort. Below are a few suggestions to get you started on choosing the right type:

  1. Matching colors: A good belt should match your pants or shorts. It should also match your golf shirt. In most cases, it’s best to opt for a basic color in a belt, such as dark brown or solid black.
  2. Matching patterns: In most cases, it’s really best to avoid patterns because they’re not as versatile as dark browns or solid blacks. But if you’re the type who likes to add spice to your outfit, your best move is to match your belt pattern with the pattern on your golf trousers.
  3. Matching shoes: Your shoes should match the color or pattern of your golf belt. If it’s black, your shoes should also be black.

What Else Makes a Good Golf Belt?

 Your golf belt should long enough to fit snugly while holding up your golf trousers. But the idea is not to let your belt fit too snugly. Before shopping for your next belt, consider the size.   Using a measuring tape, get an assessment of your waist size. If you want something that fits comfortably, consider getting a belt that’s a few sizes bigger. If you wear a size 36 in pants, a golf belt that’s a 38 or better should suffice.   But if you can’t find one that fits well with your size, you can explore other options. Something such as BeltBro, an alternative no-buckle belt may be far better suited to your game than something traditional.  

BeltBro: The 2-Loop Belt Designed for Everyone

Beltbro - Belt Alternative

 The original idea behind BeltBro was to create something that was specifically designed just for those who had intestinal problems or children with autism who had sensory processing issues. Soon, the style became popular, and demand for these alternative no-buckle belts grew stronger, especially in the golfing community. You simply fasten each side of the belt to a loop rather than in the center. These belts have the following features:

  1. A patented, lightweight double-loop design.
  2. Fits all waist sizes without bulging.
  3. Comes in a variety of colors, including black, Blue, Brown, and Grey.

Shop Golf Belts for Men Online

Beltbro’s belts for men are lightweight and easy to use. Each belt is machine washable and heat resistant. Plus, they are made of eco-friendly material that’s durable and can be worn effortlessly for long periods of time. For more about our different belt products, be sure to visit our website, BeltBro.com today!  

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