Top 8 Smart Travel Essentials that Make Your Trip More Comfortable

Top 8 Travel Comfort Items: Must-Have Items 2022

Traveling can be a nuisance. At its very heart, it’s an uncomfortable experience. Yet there are certain items that you can bring with you to make your travel a bit more comfortable. Here are eight of those items. 

1. Travel Pillow

When you think about a travel pillow, you may first think of those U-shaped pillows. This might work for some people. For others, it’s nothing but a neck ache. You need a real travel pillow. A pillow made for traveling will conform its shape to one that you need it. If you have to jam the pillow into a small corner, then the pillow will take the shape of the corner and support your neck and head appropriately.

At last, you’ll finally be able to sleep.

2. Eye Mask

Another problem that many people encounter when trying to fall asleep on a plane is the light.

You need an eye mask. Not only should it be light and comfortable on your eyes, but it should be thick enough to block out light entirely. This is important because the body is programmed to stay awake during the day.

3. Compression Socks or Tights

Compression socks help the blood circulation in your body.

The idea of being compressed likely isn’t one that inspires comfort. However, it could be exactly what you need if you’re going to be cramped on a plane or in a car for longer than four hours. Over time, the body starts to fall asleep. Certain positions, like sitting, force the blood to drain down to the feet.

This can cause your foot to fall asleep. One way to combat that is wearing compression socks or tights. This helps the blood circulation in your body.

4. Earplugs or Headphones

One great way to indicate to others that you want to be left alone is to wear headphones or earplugs. Headphones are a great solution if you want to stay entertained. For those who love listening to ASMR before they go to bed, then headphones are also essential.

However, if you just need to drown out the loud plane or a neighbor, then earplugs can do just as well. They’re also beneficial for those who want to sleep but don’t like to listen to music in order to fall asleep.

5. Reading Materials

Reading keeps you concentrated and focused. You’ll be able to drone out what’s going on around you.

If motion sickness doesn’t bother you, then it might be a good idea to pack some reading materials. Be it a traditional book, magazine, tablet, or phone, being able to read can make time fly. It’s not as loud as watching a movie or TV show might be, so you can be sure you’re not disturbing anyone else.

It also keeps you concentrated and focused. You’ll be able to drone out what’s going on around you.

6. Disinfecting Wipes

For those who are particularly sensitive to germs, bringing disinfecting wipes is a must. While plane crews are supposed to wipe down the plane after every use, you can never be too sure how well they do their job. With big viruses spreading across the world and causing a lot of panic, wiping down your seat and other things that you’ll be touching is a pretty good idea.

7. Blanket or Blanket Scarf

Airplanes can become seriously cold. One way that you can combat the cold is with a blanket scarf or a blanket. You can keep it secured around your neck, and when you start to feel chilly, you just need to spread it over the rest of your body for comfort.

8. BeltBro

BeltBro is one of the best alternatives to wearing a belt.

Beltbro - Side Belt

Belts are extremely uncomfortable to wear on a plane. Going beltless can be an option, but if you’re worried about your pants falling down, then you might need another option. One of the best belt alternatives is BeltBro. This belt is actually a hook and loop strap that slips through your belt loops.

It can be easily adjusted as needed and is comfortable to wear. When it comes to belt alternatives, this beltless option is a must-have.


Traveling can be seriously comfortable. Having these eight smart travel essentials can completely change the game. Don’t let yourself travel in misery and discomfort. Instead, include these travel essentials and enjoy your flight.

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