5 Tennis Essentials for Beginners

5 Tennis Essentials, Equipment & Gears for Beginners

If you’re looking to get into playing tennis, you’ve made a great choice. Tennis is a wonderful sport that is active, engaging, and fun. On the surface, it’s very simple; you exchange volleys with an opponent (or a team if playing doubles). For those new to the sport, you’ll want to start with the basics, however, and this means making sure you have the right equipment, so let’s look at some tennis essentials for beginners.

1. Tennis Rackets

Get at least two rackets of various kinds to see which one you enjoy more.

Tennis rackets are probably the essential item in the game, next to the tennis balls. Unlike the balls, however, you don’t share your tennis racket with your opponents, so you want to take the time and make sure the tennis racket that you get is right for you. Depending on your size, hand shape, and overall fitness level, choose a racket that is appropriate for you.

There are rackets designed for children and rackets intended for adults, and some are made of different materials. It is suggested to get at least two rackets of various kinds to see which one you enjoy more.

2. BeltBro

Beltbro - Belt Alternative

If you need belt alternatives or want to play beltless, the BeltBro is an excellent choice. It’s a revolutionary belt-like device that is super light and much less cumbersome than traditional belts. Its small size makes it perfect for any style of pants or shorts with belt loops; you loop it around two belt loops and use the hook and loop straps to connect it, and you are done.

Beltbro - Side Belt

There’s no belt buckle to mess with, and it’s a great, lightweight, washing machine-friendly beltless option that will keep your shorts where they should be. The last thing you want is a cumbersome, clunky belt pressing against your waist while you’re playing tennis.

3. Tennis Shoes

Good shoes are essential because of the impact they have on your entire game.

Since you’re going to be on your feet pretty much all the time while playing tennis, you will want to invest in some comfortable tennis shoes. Tennis is a reasonably fast game, and you’ve going to be moving around a lot. Not so much running, but zigging, zagging, and pivoting very often, so you’ll want shoes that will be able to keep up with you.

Good shoes are essential because of the impact they have on your entire game. If you can’t move with peak efficiency, you are not going to be at your best.

4. Clothing

5 Tennis Essentials for Beginners

Being a sport with lots of movement involved, you will need to make sure you are wearing proper clothes. Light clothes are best, so they don’t weigh you down, and stretchy materials, so they don’t hinder your movement. Any shorts with belt loops are great for the BeltBro, as well. It’s great if you’re looking for belt alternatives that won’t negatively impact your movement.

Look for breathable tops and bottoms so sweat will not pose as much of a problem. Sweatbands are ideal for most people, as sweating in tennis is very common. Headbands, wristbands, and towels are all good to have on hand to mop up that pesky byproduct of exercise.

5. Extra Miscellaneous Items

A bag can help you transport all of your equipment easily.

There are several other things you might consider having. A good supply of tennis balls on hand is great, so you don’t have to keep running after them. An extra racket or two in case one gets damaged. A bag is also good to be able to transport all of your equipment easily.

In conclusion, tennis is a great sport to get into. Whether you want to do it for exercise or to have fun with friends or even play professionally at some point. These essentials should help you get started. There’s a lot more to learn about the sport of tennis. Some of you will learn with experience. Some you will learn from playing with others. And there’s also always the option of taking lessons.

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