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Top 3 Reasons You Should Throw Your Belt Away and Switch to BeltBro

When the perfect pair of pants or shorts requires tightening at the waist, consider throwing away your belt and switching to a belt alternative. Maybe too loose clothing is not a concern, but you have noticed an irritable stomach from wearing a waist belt.

Search for belt alternatives that do not place pressure on your abdominal cavity. Adjusting the waist of your pants no longer has to be uncomfortable or challenging when you use belt alternatives

What is BeltBro?

BeltBro is a beltless tool that connects through two loops on your pants or shorts. The lightweight beltless system secures together with a hook and loop closure that is easy to open. It comes in three sizes to meet every person’s needs and is machine washable. If you are looking for belt alternatives, this beltless system is made with high-quality materials designed to last.

Top 3 Reasons You Should Switch to BeltBro

Beltbro - Side Belt

1. It allows for greater freedom of movement.

A tight waist belt can restrict the muscles in your core and be more taxing on your body when moving from a seated to a standing position. In contrast, BeltBro does not cinch your waist keeps up your pants, and still allows your body to remain in a natural position. This natural position makes it easier for your hips to shift underneath you when transitioning from a seated to a standing position.

2. It does not increase pressure around your waist.

BeltBro securely tightens your pants along one side to eliminate any stress off your core.

Throw away your waist belt when it creates stomach discomforts. A tight waist belt increases the pressure on your abdominal cavity, which interferes with digestion and may lead to feelings of gas or bloating.

BeltBro securely tightens your pants along one side to eliminate any stress off your core. It also decreases any discomfort that may result from sitting too long wearing a waist belt.

If your waist belt creates friction between you and a chair, BeltBro is what you need.

A tight waist belt can also increase your heart rate. The increased pressure on your abdominal cavity may increase blood pressure, so your heart rate increases in response. A belt alternative eliminates any abdominal pressure, so your heart rate remains at a healthier level.

3. It is more comfortable to use when traveling.

First, you do not have to remove BeltBro when moving through airport security. Second, it is lightweight, small, and easier to pack, and takes up less room in your luggage. Finally, during long flights, your pants will remain secure, but you will not feel any of the discomforts of a tight waist belt.

Beltbro - Side Belt

It is time to throw away your waist belt and switch to BeltBro. Tight waist belts keep up your pants and shorts, but can be uncomfortable on your stomach and back and may even increase your heart rate. Also, waist belts are challenging when you travel through airport security and uncomfortable when you wear them during long flights.

BeltBro is lightweight, machine washable, available in three sizes, and comfortable to wear. Switching to a non-traditional belt, such as BeltBro, secures your clothing and your peace of mind.


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